Apps for working from home (beyond the obvious)

Zoom, Hangouts, Slack, Trello are obvious tools to use when working from home. But what else is out there that can help us? Here are a few we’ve found useful:

– is another productivity tool for managing tasks. Particularly useful if you break down your work into projects and need to assign tasks for each project.
– Calendly and are calendar apps that help you schedule meetings easily
– Focusing apps: buddies you up with a mate so that you can complete projects. Motion Chrome Extension will intervene every time you access a distracting website (Youtube/Facebook etc.) and asks you to limit your time on it.
– Design: Canva for designing logos, flyers etc., Balsamiq for simple design of websites and mobile apps, it’s the online equivalent of a pen and paper but using modules for those of us that don’t code.

Let us know if you have any that work well for you!

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