Expectant Fathers Programme

Expectant Fathers Programme

The Expectant Fathers Programme (EFP) is the longest running fully evaluated course in the UK. _ This course covers: Practical training - how to hold, wash, bath, and change baby. The type of father you want to be - understanding why fathers are important and provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the kind of father you want to be. Impact in relationships- understand the changes that will occur in your relationships. Q&A with a midwife - Conversation with midwife about pre-birth, birth and post birth. Baby budget - Understanding what items are essential and what are desirable for baby. Child development - children's milestones in how they play, learn, speak, behave, and move. Baby sleep safe - sleep routines, and identifying possible hazards to avoid sudden infant death syndrome. DVD - to support fathers and give them personal and professional advice about the changes ahead. EFP Pack - detailed information on pre-birth, birth and post birth. The booklet aims to highlight some of the many changes that fatherhood will bring. A one day course running on various Saturdays throughout the year. For more information or to register on the course go to www.efprogramme.co.uk

Number: 020 7237 5353
[email protected]

£45.00 per workshop

  • Saturday: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Croydon University Hospital (formerly Mayday)
530 London Road, Croydon, Surrey