Art Tots

Art Tots

A top quality Art class for your little one and a relaxed, entertaining time for adults too! This sessions are planned for kids and adults to discover Art History through different exploration and sensory activities. Most people don't think of Art History when it comes to kids age five and under, but truly, it's never too early to begin sharing great works of art with little ones.

Spending time learning about Art History can bring loads of benefits! It helps with vocabulary and language development. As you and your child discuss a work of art (and I can help you get the conversation started), she/he is learning to identify certain objects, name them, and describe them in her/his own words. It builds up their confidence and helps them to improve fine motor skills.


  • Thursday: 4.00pm - 5.00pm

2-7 years old

Walthamstoy Toy Library
46 Ravenswood Rd
E17 9LY