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by Nicki Philips @ niix

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. Creating resolutions is one thing… sticking to them is another! January is now long gone and here is where the challenge starts: making exercise a habit!

I am passionate about exercise and I am always so excited and motivated to share what I know with but even I can have down days where I just don’t feel like it. This is where keeping things interesting really comes into play. If you’ve made it this far into your new – found fitness journey (well done you!) but you’re still worried about becoming demotivated, read on for my best tips to keep exercise fun and help you through those tricky days!

Set realistic goals.

Giving yourself the tremendous task of running a marathon in one month after having never set foot on a run will only end badly (and in injury!). Focus on achievable goals and exercising because it makes you feel GREAT! As you begin to shift your focus more towards body positivity, you will find you will be more inclined to take better care of your body; fuelling with healthy meals and encouraging daily movement.

Try something new.

If you’re finding your workouts are becoming boring and repetitive, it’s time to try something new! Home workouts are a great way to keep things varied and try something new in the comfort of your own home! Challenge yourself to try a new niix class this week.

Keep it short but intense.

The great thing about niix are the short, snappy but hugely effective workouts. You can be sure to get a sweat on and feel the burn in as little as 20 minutes, perfect for busy women on the run!

Join a challenge/ community.

This is a brilliant way to re-light your exercise spark! We have just started our brand new #BodyLove programme on the niix app with a fab community of brilliant women all on a mission to get and stay fit- get involved!

Make exercise a part of your lifestyle.

When exercise becomes part of your daily life, it no longer becomes a chore! Encouraging regular movement throughout your day (taking the stairs, walking over driving, lunch break exercises and so on) are all great ways to help you implement movement into your daily activities.

Focus on the positive.

Don’t focus on the difficulties of implementing exercise into your lifestyle – focus on the positives and what you will gain from doing so. Not only can exercise help you sleep better, when you workout you may also find that you have more energy. Exercise can help with mental clarity so you’ll be more focused at work and throughout your daily life. Doing a fun workout in the middle of a stressful week can reduce your stress and help you to feel more balanced and in control.

Get involved with our brand new #BodyLove programme – head to to sign up and take advantage of discounts and FREE workout gear!

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Nicki Philips is a qualified Pilates, TRX & Barre coach. After 10 years coaching and gathering her credentials she has developed her own training programme, Niix Method, that fuses the best of Pilates with cardio exercises into curated classes lasting 10-30 minutes a day, 4 days a week. Nicki believes that all women should feel strong, fit and confident despite our ever-changing bodies and busy lives.  Great results come from creating sustainable, health & fitness habits incorporating good technique. While running her own business, Nicki is also a busy mother of two girls, a step-son, and a sausage dog.

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