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Bubele grows up!

It’s been four years since new parent, Vivien de Tusch-lec, created the much-loved parenting platform, Bubele. Originally a kid’s activities app, the service has gone from strength to strength and is now offering expert advice to new mums on health and wellness as well as interesting and different activities for children and much more. She speaks here about the journey she has taken with it.

‘When I founded Bubele I did so with a mission to help improve parent wellbeing. I knew how difficult it was and wanted to try and smooth the path for other parents through carefully curated and expert-written content shared via our app and monthly newsletters.  After growing the reader base and audience to 150,000 registered users we developed an influencer network and worked with great brands such as Ocado, and Foxtons.

‘We have such a loyal following and wonderful audience at Bubele, it’s a bit like a family and as with all families, we feel like our audience is growing up and we are excited about this new stage.’

So, what is changing at Bubele?

‘It’s 2020 and there is a definite shift, and rightly so, to women taking on a more entrepreneurial and freelance lifestyle’ says Vivien

‘For parents, it’s the perfect model allowing women, and men, to work and fulfil their goals seamlessly around their family life. It’s the dream, right? Well, it’s not always easy, but that’s where we come in.’

  • Step one: have babies
  • Step two: leave your job
  • Step three:  freelance or start a business
  • Step four: find flexibility AND be happy.

‘That’s the utopian formula for the working mum, right? The formula to achieve the ultimate balance of happiness and success.  As over 60% of you are either freelancers or business owners – one might assume that this ‘dream’ is easy to achieve. In my experience, it was not that easy – and the downsides do need to be explored. However, what surprised me the most was what taking a ‘break’ meant for my finances.

‘This was reflected too in market research we carried out for Bubele, the most sought after information from our readers relates to financial wellbeing. And so over time our “Work Your Money, Honey” event series was born. We were astonished at the reception of this event series and last year we attracted some great sponsors; a solid network of partners; and of course you, our audience, and it has grown it into a great success.’

‘Working on this series also gave me the impetus to reassess my own financial situation. What would my pension look like now that I was running a business? What had happened to contributions while I was away bringing up my children? The answer was not the one I was hoping for at all.

‘To give you a bit of background, I was brought up to believe that you should never rely on anyone else to support you financially. So by the time I was 27 I had saved enough to buy my own property in France thinking that this would be a great investment and provide me with a pension of sorts. However, looking back, I realise that doing things ‘my way’ meant that I had missed out on certain benefits such as tax relief and other advantages that pension products and tax-efficient savings schemes could have afforded me. I had just not done my research well enough and I realise in hindsight that that type of information was not easy to access nor obvious to all.’

I’m not alone. In speaking with my peers, women around 35 and over both with and without kids, one thing is a constant, we don’t know where to start when it comes to getting our finances in order and making our money work for us. My network of friends cover a myriad of situations; the divorcee who became a millionaire overnight but has no idea how to speak with her financial advisor about what she really wants; the journalist who went freelance after kids and finds herself with a smaller than expected pension and has no idea how to start contributing to one on her own; the stay at home mum who leaves the finances to her husband and wouldn’t know where to start if she was without a husband for any reason.’

‘In the course of developing our events and talking to experts as part of the process, I have begun to take an interest in and get a handle on my own financial situation. The positive spin-off of all of this is, my husband is ecstatic that I’m taking more of an interest and helping to manage the family’s money. It turns out he doesn’t feel he has all the answers or even that he’s doing a good job of it after all.

Our mission for Bubele will remain wellbeing for parents generally. However, we have realised that both physical and emotional wellbeing is underpinned by a sense of financial security. For this reason, we are shifting our focus for 2020 towards helping parents and in particular, women achieve financial security and freedom.

Join us as we already have some exciting things in store for the year ahead:

  1. Continuing our event series: Bubele presents – ‘Let’s Talk Money’, this year in London.
  2. Launching our pilot online course: ‘Let’s Talk Money’ to help you get up to speed on money management, investing and pensions in three short weekly online sessions.
  3. In-house company workshops beginning the end of April. If you’d like us to help your colleagues and/or employees with their financial wellbeing, just let us know.

The only way we know that we’re developing products and services you need and want is to hear from you and we love your feedback. Fill out our survey or drop us an email or DM us via our social channels with your ideas, interests and what you’d like to see from us. We look forward to hearing from you.’

– Vivien de Tusch-Lec

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