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10 eco-friendly hacks for your home

You’ve ditched the plastic bags in favour of canvas ones, put your clothes on the dryer outside when the weather is sunny and regularly head to the charity shop to dispose of unwanted stuff. However, there are many more simple ways to go green at home. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Vodka – not just for Happy Hour

Rather than wash an item of clothing or soft furnishings, simply put some vodka in a spray bottle and give it a spritz. Vodka will kill the odour-forming bacteria and leave no residual smell.

Switch to Airport Mode

We all reply on our phones and many of us need to charge our devices daily. When you are charging your phone, ditch the cat videos and Instagram surfing and switch it into Airport Mode first for a faster charge that uses less energy.

Give your plants a daily shot

Are you a coffee connoisseur? Rinse your used coffee grounds and put them on your plants as a fertiliser. This will add organic material, improving water retention, drainage and soil aeration.

Unpaper’ DIY paper towels

Do you go through paper towels like there is no tomorrow? Ditch the normal ones and use ‘unpaper’ towels – bits of old fabric, muslin squares and old towels to mop up spills.

Love your dryer

Save energy by reducing dryer time by putting a dry towel in with the wet laundry; this will allow your clothes to dry faster, saving energy and £££ on your bills.

Opt for a ‘meat-free’ Monday

Going meatless once a week can help reduce our carbon emissions and will boost your family’s health.

Go green (literally)

Brighten up your home with some plants. NASA have developed a list of the best indoor plants to cleanse your home of pollution. This includes common and inexpensive varieties like Peace Lily. Or try this list of indoor air purifying plants.

Use an Eco Egg

This little egg packs a lot of punch! A complete replacement for washing powder and liquids, it washes clothes without detergent, is friendlier to the environment and is great for people with sensitive skin.

Get Insta-inspired

Follow some green-living blogs like @LifeTheGreenWay, @GroovyGreenLivin and @LivingPrettyNaturally for daily insights and ideas into eco-friendly living, fashion, style and more.

Magic carpets

Need an excuse to hit the shops for some new shopping therapy? Using rugs on wooden floors can save 4 to 6 percent on energy bills.