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The habits to adopt for the new school year

The link between wellbeing and learning is well known. Get off on the right foot this school year with these tips for happy, well-adjusted and productive children:

  • Mindfulness: Introducing mindfulness practice into your daily routine will create more focussed kids who are better able to manage their emotions. Try some of the ideas in this inspiring article.
  • Growth mindset: When your child does a great piece of work, praise their effort rather than the work. Why? This helps to create a growth mindset, which makes children more resilient to failure and more willing to work hard to overcome challenges. Read all about growth mindsets here.
  • Positive reinforcement: Motivate your kids by rewarding positive behaviour rather than simply punishing negative behaviour. You could award tokens or use a reward chart for homework or getting ready for school on time.
  • Emotional intelligence: Teach children about emotions beyond the happy/sad dichotomy. This will help them to express any anxiety they may be feeling about school and talk to you about issues they face throughout the year (try the book ‘How Are You Feeling Today‘).

Good luck!

PS. Don’t forget your own emotional wellbeing. But that’s for another day and another post x

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