5 Reasons to Join a Baby Group


Post by Chloe, mum to Evie and author of the wonderful blog: Life Unexpected.

I was terrified at the thought of walking into a baby group. I am so shy & am rubbish at making small talk. But my health visitor recommended I joined a local baby group for under 1’s. She said it was a great way to meet other mums & might help with my postnatal blues because there were lots of other mums out there feeling the same as me. I am so glad that I pushed myself to go.

Here are my 5 reasons to join a baby group:

1. You meet new friends.

And, most importantly, have someone to whine too! Nobody understands more about what it’s like to have a child that’s at the same stages as your child, than another mum with a child at the same stage!

Your mums, aunties & anyone else who had children years & years ago are great to chat to, but they can’t really relate to what you’re experiencing right now. There’s no nicer feeling than saying to a group of people about your child being a royal pain in the arse because he’s been up all night, only to hear someone chirp up ‘mine too!’

2. It’s a great excuse to get out of cleaning the house for a couple of hours.

Some mornings when I have baby groups I literally dance around piles of mess as I leave the house singing ‘not today!’ Goodbye mess, you are out of sight & out of mind.

3. It gets you out!

Being surrounded by the same four walls all day can drive you & your little one crazy. Some days I wake up & think ‘what on earth can I do today?’ There are only so many times in the week you can go to the supermarket to get milk just to get some fresh air & to entertain your little one. It’s so nice to actually have an event to go to where you’re with like minded people who are also desperate to be outside in the world.

4. Your little one learns to socialise. 

At first there are lots of little ones poking & prodding other littles ones eyes & faces, followed by lots of apologetic mums saying ‘I’m sorry, I have been trying to stop her doing that!’ until eventually you get so comfortable with them whacking each other accidentally with toys you don’t even say anything anymore.

It is so important to teach them social skills from a young age. Not only does it help them learn to play with others & to make friends, but it gets them prepared for school & nursery. Evie’s first day of nursery she walked in & recognised some of the babies from groups we’ve been too & immediately made her way straight over to them to play. It made leaving her behind so much easier.

5. You both might learn something together.

We’ve been to some great groups like ‘The Creation Station’. I loved getting messy with Evie at ‘The Creation Station’ & have learnt so many new ways of doing messy play with her at home. There are so many groups in your area that you can choose from, from general play groups, to baby music groups, baby gymnastics, baby yoga, swimming, the list could go on. I’m planning on taking Evie to a sing & sign group next, so that we can both learn sign language. I’ve heard it really helps babies to communicate while they still can’t talk.


Have you been to any great baby groups?

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