Bed-wetting – lifting the cover

Just as you think you’ve got kids sleep all worked out, there you are again up at 2am sorting out a wet bed and child. We know how much you love putting sheets in the laundry middle of the night, but in case you want to know the latest thinking on kids bed-wetting, here it is:

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  • The obvious tip

Cut down on drinks before bed

  • The fairly easy tip

Give your child 2-3 opportunities to go to the toilet before bed.

  • The not-sure-it-works tip

Take your child to the toilet when you go to bed, called lifting as child will still be asleep. Success of this strategy is inconclusive

  • The practical tip

Layer up bedsheets once you’re ready to take the nappy off. Alternate between waterproof mattress protector and fitted sheets, so you can quickly whip one set off and send them back to bed.

  • The weird tip

Bladder expansion: encourage your child to drink a lot throughout the day and try to get them to hold their pee for longer and longer. If the bladder is bigger then a little big of liquid will stay in there overnight.

Child under 7? Don’t worry the doc will not prescribe anything anyway..over 7s get to use an alarm, and the medication if that doesn’t work.

Any other tips to share? let us know. And in the meantime invest in some decent nigthtime nappies! For a free sample and £2 off Huggies:

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