Tips for Busy Parents

in Partnership with RentmyHome

Are you a parent still living in the same place you had before kids?  The stats suggest this is unlikely. But even if the answer is yes, chances are you have thought about a house move at some point. So here are some tips to make the decision a bit easier for you.  

Moving home

Happiness is not about having more space
Research has shown that you quickly become accustomed to having more space in your home and you buy more to fill it. However, you do not get used to the increased commute from moving further away from where you work.

Do a test run 
Rent your home for six months and rent in the area you want to buy in or a place that is like your potential new home. This will soon show you if the new location is right for you and your family.

Talk to locals not just estate agents 
People living and working in the area you want to move to will be a hive of useful and honest information. Chat to other mums, taxi drivers and strangers, or use local Facebook sites to ask information about the area, schools and other useful titbits.

Do some due diligence 
If you are renting out your previous home, make sure you research your tenants. Social media and Google searches are useful resources in your quest for useful details about them.

Reduce stress, use online services for a cheaper and quicker process
You can rent out your property without ever having to speak to an estate agent. Services such as RentMyHome have been able to vastly reduce the price of renting out a home as they do everything online. For a flat fee of £75 they market your properties, reference prospective tenants, do credit checks, and will even provide a contract. And their customer service is top notch.

Have a crystal-clear picture 
Don’t waste time looking at homes until you have a very clear idea of what you want, including ‘must-have’ features, ‘would-be-great’ features and deal-breakers. This will avoid the unnecessary merry-go-round of viewings.

Remember it’s also stressful for kids 
Renting or buying, if you are up to your ears in paperwork and packing boxes, it can be easy to forget about the kids. Moving can be hard for them too, whatever age. You can involve them from the start with a family ‘wish list’ for your new home and keep lines of communication open to smooth the transition. Younger children will enjoy designing their new room.

Use the move to change habits
If you are trying to ditch bad habits or make new ones, this is the time to start! Studies have shown that during a life change – like a house move – new habits are more likely to become entrenched in our daily lives.