1. Mumderground

This great guide covers the whole Tube network and details pushchair friendly exits – even including exact numbers of flights of stairs and escalators/lifts that you will come across. It’s a must have for anyone who takes their little one into London regularly and wants to know which route to take.


Available in the App Store: Mumderground by Braintank

2) Nursing Timer

This is a lifesaver in the early days because it allows you to track exactly when baby is feeding, sleeping and pooping! The sleep time function was great for me as it helped me to work out optimum nap times by extracting the data and creating a graph in order to work out patterns. Above all it’s easy to use – just hit the record button when baby is sleeping or feeding and add in nappy changes!

Available in the App Store: Nursing Timer by Creaplay

3) Obaby

Add gorgeous handcrafted artwork to your iPhone pictures! Overlay borders, dates, captions and artwork to pictures before you share or send them to others. I used this app to add ‘x months old’ to some of Arianna’s pictures to use in a timeline at her birthday party. The captions looked great and received lots of attention!

Available in the App Store: Obaby by Over

4) Baby Recipes and Health

It can be a struggle to find recipes and fun food ideas for little ones. This app provides an easy way to dip in and out and discover some unusual ideas for your little one. The emphasis is on healthy eating and there are plenty of ideas to try, such as baked potato boats, that your child will be sure to love.


Available in the App Store: Baby Recipes & Health by Phunky Publications Pty Ltd

5) Bubele

The in and out guide for busy London parents! It’s a fairly new app and it’s great to see that there are new suggestions being added all the time! Who knew that you could do mummies and babies ballet with your little one in South Woodford?! The app will help you discover child friendly museums, restaurants and cafes in your local area. You can filter by type of activity and see what’s coming up today, tomorrow or further ahead. As a working parent I find that it’s great to book things in advance. It even takes the weather into account – because it IS England after all!

Available in the App Store: Bubele – London for babies and tots by Bubele Ltd

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