Bring out your child’s inner Bake Off star!


Who needs Mary & Paul when you can organise your own Bake Off at home!


All important is to have a chef’s hat. Make a simple one like this, or buy one here – there’s a full costume or simple apron and hat option.

0-3 yrs: biscuits, and if they are very small give them ready made biscuits to decorate.
3-7 yrs: fairy cakes with water icing
7+ yrs: lemon cake

Bake Off! tips
And off they go, with a little helping hand from you of course…
Remember to calm the inner control freak when eggs crack onto the floor. We find gin helps a lot. Leaving the room could also be a solution, though only for extreme situations.

Judgment time
Here comes the fun part, where you eat/judge the amazing creations. Have as many categories as you like, though you may want to ensure each participant wins something…

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Get the Gear

No-Bake Kids Cupcake Kit
Kids Kitchen Knife
Chef Costume by Melissa and Doug


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