First in our series where Londoners pick their favourite kids activities, blogger Daddy Dazed shows us where we can find a special piece of London history.

Thames foreshore


My current favourite activity with my 4 year old daughter is beach combing on what we call “London Beach”.

London Beach is situated on the banks of the River Thames either end of the Millennium Bridge. It might not have the sand or ambience of a tropical beach but one thing it does have in spades is history.
Dotted amongst its pebbles and stones are broken bits of pottery and smooth pieces of glass that can stretch back centuries. Beachcombers sometimes find Roman coins or even gold jewellery. Our best find so far is a clay pipe, which my daughter decided must have been smoked by a naughty fairy.
You get approx 2 hours either side of low tide to explore – times can be found on the Port of London Authority (PLA) website.