Confidence for kids Bubele

Yes your kids can start a business and no it won’t turn them into Donald Trump 

Building a business is a great way to learn about working in a team; leading; listening and developing ideas.
So if your kids are showing some entrepreneurial flair here are five inspirational ideas of businesses founded and run by children that they could adapt.

Piggy bank

Honey-sweetened lemonade

Mikaila started lemonade company Me and the Bees aged four (!) and secured deals with Wholefoods among others in the US. The great thing about this lemonade is that it’s sweetened with honey. Do your kids have clean or interesting takes on food and drink that could be commercialised?

Perfume for kids 

Aged 7 and 9 two young entrepreneurs spotted a gap in the market for creating, branding and packaging natural perfume for girls. Are there kids versions of products like Angels and Tomboys that your child could develop?

Commercialise a passion

Not before tea is a lifestyle brand launched by 12 year old Henry Patterson after writing his first kids book aged 10. The UK-based website showcases quirky gifts for kids based on his book. Your child got an interesting hobby or passion?  He/she could create a story out of it, self publish an e-book and promote it online.

Clothing by kids for kids 

Your child got a quirky idea to translate some adult clothing for kids? For Mo, aged 12, it was bow ties. And Mo’s Bows now retails across the US from humble beginnings in Memphis.

Be an expert

Lizzie Marie at 14 is an expert on cooking. Kids can be experts on all kinds of things that they have practiced for years and provide a singular and interesting approach. Eg. Gift wrapping, food etc. Why not encourage your child to “become an expert”. They can start a blog or youtube channel, and sell what they make!