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Bubele is an inspirational digital community for modern parents that informs, entertains and empowers! We do this with a team of talented creators who originate topical and quality content to simplify parents lives.

We also curate fun and educational activities for parents and kids London-wide. The business launched in 2015 and since then we have built up a parenting community of over 120,000. We were recently voted 8th best parenting blog site out of 200 by Brand Ballot.

We’ve been working with and representing a number of parent influencers in the past, enabling them to showcase an honest approach to parenting on behalf of a number of brands. We like to work with young, newer, tech-enabled companies but also work with bigger brands.

We are starting to bring on more brands and as we grow we are expanding our network of parent influencers.

The process

When we take on a campaign we send out a call-out to influencers relevant to that campaign via our newsletter asking for profile information, DA and pricing. We then select best-match influencers and engage accordingly. We stay involved in the process of managing the Brand (and their expectations) and the project. We normally package the influencer campaign with amplification via our own networks and subscribers. Our subscriber base is currently 100,000 and we have a social following of over 20,000, which is a reach of around 1.4million.

Some of the brands we have worked with in the past include Ocado, Hello Fresh, Eco-Egg, Love Space, Gousto,, Role Models, Camp Beaumont and Foxtons. We also work with local businesses such as nurseries, nanny/child-care agencies, children’s activities and other micro-parenting businesses.

We have recently entered an exclusive partnership with an influencer technology platform that gives influencers more exposure to larger brands globally. We’d love you to join the next stage of Bubele’s growth. We don’t keep your details on file without your opt-in, so if you’d like the opportunity to be involved in our upcoming influencer campaigns please click here to subscribe to join the Bubele influencer network.