First impressions count so when it comes to finding a camp and booking it – the first point of contact has to be good. There is so much on offer, any hiccups and you ditch it and move to the next. I’ll always go with the one that makes it easy.

I had read so much about Camp Beaumont and I knew that it had a 36-year history so I had faith that their processes would be smooth. And I wasn’t disappointed, from the moment I booked my 8yo and 9yo into camp, the service was good. A detailed welcome pack with directions, health and safety information, list of activities, what to take with, easy to fill out forms arrived on booking. The reminder emails with information on coaches that can pick the children up with times and locations, directions and parking info make life so much easier – for a working mum, what more do you need? So far so good.


The most important thing for both me and the children though was the camp leaders and how they are with the children. This is after all their summer holiday and I want them to come away with a memorable summer, not a miserable one. Luckily the first report after day one was how brilliant the camp leaders are. They are full of enthusiasm and encouragement and best of all they all have a great sense of humour (according to my 8 year old).

They were all young and happy themselves and are clearly chosen for these reasons, that and they all seem to have a genuine love of children. 

We added the extra activities on offer to our package; my daughter tried horse riding and my son archery. They did not stop talking about it for weeks afterwards. It’s an extra cost but worth it for the additional skills they are picking up and it sure is less expensive than full horse riding lessons in London.

The best thing is that the children come home physically exhausted as children should with loads of things to tell you about over the course of the day.  They have stories about the jokes the coaches shared with them or funny antics they got up to. How many friends they have met from different areas and the games they played inside and out. 

My only slight concern is that now my children don’t want to go anywhere other than Camp Beaumont for their school holiday breaks!! Not sure that is going to be realistic every time! That said, it is incredibly convenient for me as a parent and wow, it does provide fun and memorable times for the children!

Kirsten Mackenzie
Director – Bubele