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Outsourcing (some) Parenting Duties

Becoming a parent often means taking on a whole host of additional jobs. With parents reportedly spending an average of 14 hours/week cleaning and 7 hours/week driving their kids around, isn’t it time that we start outsourcing some of the more laborious parent duties so we have more time for the fun stuff?

  • Call on family & friends: Grandparents are usually a soft touch when it comes to babysitting requests, but don’t limit your search there. Cast the net far & wide to find willing volunteers.
  • Embrace technology: Seriously, what did parents do before iPads? And with the number of educational apps out there, there’s nothing to feel guilty about! (Try this list of the best apps for kids)
  • Let someone else ferry the kids about: Enter OneLane App, the new service that offers vetted drivers to take kids to & from their activities so you don’t have to. We’ve tried it here at Bubele, and we can tell you that it has been a lifesaver! We’ve got a special offer for you below.
  • Try an audio book: When you just don’t have the strength to read the Gruffalo for the fifteenth time that day, let an audio book do the work for you (or make it ‘reading practice’ for an older sibling!).
  • Select home delivery: Online is no bad thing when you have a tiny troublemaker on your hands! We’re big fans of Gousto, which delivers ingredients & recipe cards to your door so you can make amazing meals without leaving the house.

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Get your first 3 journeys for free with OneLane App, the equivalent of £30-£45 worth of rides!

To claim: download & sign in to the app. Go to the My Account menu then tap on Vouchers to enter code ‘Kids’.

Note: New customers only.