So, what do we offer you?

We run events and 1:1s to help you get a grip on your finances and feel confident with money. We bring you a wide range of experts to talk you through how to save, how to invest and how to manage your money during and after a pandemic.

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Securing your financial future

We are on a mission to arm you with as much information as possible about the world of finance and money, making it more accessible through education and building confidence in things like investing, pensions and insurance. Securing your finances is not rockets science and in a session or two you could be setting yourself up to achieve your financial goals. 

Join Us

We're all about community and inclusion, come join women like you, talk money, and ask all the questions you want. 

Get Educated

The difference between getting engaged in your finances and feeling like it's "not for you" is a little bit of education by some excellent experts. 

Set Goals, Achieve Them

Managing your finances is all about setting goals and getting the right plan in place so you don't have to worry/think about it constantly. We are ambitious and focused on getting it all done simply and quickly.

10th July

For 2020 join us and get involved. Events in the pipeline including:

  • Pensions and long term financial planning
  • Alternative finance
  • Getting started with investing
  • Half day money and investing event with key note speaker, panel and workshops

Meet the speakers

Our past speakers are all experts in their fields, and all share a desire to educated us about money and how to achieve financial freedom. 

Lisa Caplan,
Chartered Financial Planner
Lisa Caplan

Chartered Financial Planner, ex-head of financial advice, Nutmeg

Camilla Klemme, Investment manager, Rathbones
Camilla Klemme

Investment manager, Rathbones

Bola Sol

Founder @richgirldiaries, Refined Currency

Fanny B&W
Fanny Snaith

Money Coach

Laura Whateley

Bestselling author, consumer journalist, ex-Times Money Mentor