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Why Farmdrop?

Farmdrop fresh produceIt can be tough when you’re a parent to find time to shop locally and online supermarket shopping often seems like the easiest option. But it’s not the only way! We’ve recently discovered Farmdrop, and it was love at first sight.

They produce the freshest, most delicious, locally sourced and competitively priced food. They support small producers. And they really really care. Their model means a much better deal for producers and the environment. By removing the middle man, their farmers and foodmakers receive 70-75% of the retail price for their hard work, compared to the 25%-50% that most retailers offer them.

We like to see it as an online farmers market, where you don’t need to leave your house or drag the kids through the crowds – hurrah!

And just so you know what it’s like, here’s a review from two of Bubele’s own editors:

Review from Helen, South-East London Local Editor & Mum of 1

Wild boar tortellini pastaHave you heard of Farmdrop? It’s a new service for Londoners allowing you to shop for fresh and organic foods online from a selection of small, local producers. Not only that, their suppliers receive a fair price for their hard work and zero-emission electric vans are used for delivery along with reusable packaging, all helping to keep Britain green.

The website is easy to use with items sorted into different categories. In addition to fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat, a selection of store cupboard goods are also available. Fruit and vegetable boxes are also available, made up of the freshest produce of the season. For those with a sweet tooth, treats such as cakes and chocolate are also available.

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Review from Elaine, East London Local Editor & Mum of 1

GammonIn my little corner of London, we are extremely lucky to have some fab local shops: butchers, greengrocers, fishmongers, florists, cheesemongers… the works. It’s great, but it’s time-consuming to visit all of the different shops, and life as a busy working mum doesn’t always allow for such luxuries. Plus, with a 2 year old dragging his feet and pulling food off shelves, it can take me hours to do the rounds and pick up everything we need… While I want very much to support small and local businesses, it’s just not been logistically very easy since our little troublemaker arrived.

Enter Farmdrop. They support local suppliers. They drive zero-emission electric vans. They care about the planet. They also – crucially for me – collect all of the products you want from different local producers and bring it all to your door. They basically allow you to feel really good about who you give your hard-earned money to, but you don’t have to go anywhere, or spend lots of time, to do it. It’s the perfect set up!

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