There’s so much to juggle when you’re a busy mum that it’s easy for exercise to take a back seat.

While there’s no miracle solution for that dream body (will someone please hurry up and invent a chocolate cake that burns calories?!), our tips might help you to squeeze in some exercise, and maybe even back into those pre-baby jeans!

Our tried and tested fitness hacks for busy mumsFitnessEdit

– New mums: Take the baby out for a walk as often as you can! If you’re super keen, invest in a running buggy and pick up the pace. If you have the Health app on your phone, turn on the step count, and set goals for yourself.

– Enrol in a mum & baby exercise class (use our app to find one near you!) These are usually only available for mums with pre-walkers, so take advantage of them while you can.

– Use an online fitness programme, such as Pop Sugar, or search for videos on YouTube, such as Jillian Michaels’ 30-day Shred, and you can exercise whenever you want in your own living room.

– Walk, run or cycle whenever you can! For example, walk the school run, and then jog home (you can add in an extra loop round the block as your fitness level increases.)

– Dig out the trainers (or treat yourself to some new ones) and take the kids out on the scooters for a race around the park.

– Find a gym that offers crèche facilities, so you can do a class or go for a swim safe in the knowledge that your little one is being well looked after.

– Get the kids involved! If you have slightly older kids, they might really enjoy doing some exercise with you and you’ll be able to give yourself a pat on the back for setting them such a great example! Try some different types of exercise to find something you all enjoy.

– Pair up with a mum pal and take turns looking after the babies or kids while the other pops out for a run. The little ones will have fun together, and you can both fit in a few laps of the local park. Everybody wins!

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