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Divider newsletterWhat would you do with an extra hour in the day..?

We recently reached out to our network of mums & dads across the country to ask what they would do if they had an extra hour in the day to themselves. We got some great responses, with self-care and alone time featuring heavily. And top of the list..? You guessed it, sleep! Find full list below and comment on our blog post with your own answers.


So the next question is: how can we get this magical extra time to ourselves? Here are some of our top parent hacks, as tried, tested & approved by our Local Editor mums:

Parent Hacks to save time

– Create a ‘school station’ to save everyone time in the morning. Put each child’s bag, shoes, coat, etc. in one place so you don’t need to spend precious time searching for missing shoes

– Freeze pre-chopped veg so you can just grab and cook without the prep work every time (bonus: reduces waste too!)

– Keep bedding sets together by folding each set inside one of the pillowcases so you won’t have to hunt down missing bits.

– Master the ‘ninja fold‘ for perfectly folded t-shirts in 5 seconds

– Persuade kids to tidy up their own toys in a super speedy fashion with a race against each other or the egg-timer. Also works with getting dressed, eating breakfast, putting shoes on…

– Use a paper doily for each child’s table setting and let them colour it in while you finish off dinner to get meals on the table in double quick time

– Cut down on bathtime by getting as many kids – and yourself – into the tub at once

– Embrace online shopping. Add things as you go throughout the week for one big order

– Get the kids involved in chores. You’d be surprised how early they can start. Have a search online for chores appropriate to your child’s age.

– Offload your laundry onto ZipJet and save yourself hours (& hours) every week (special offer above)

If you have any parent hacks that work for you, we’d love to hear about them! Tweet us @bubelelondon or comment on this post.

Results from the poll (“what would you do with an extra hour in the day”) in order of popularity:

1. Sleep

2. Exercise

3. Read a book

4. Drink coffee/tea while it’s hot

5. Pamper session

6. Yoga/meditation

7. Watch TV/ a film

8. Crafts: sewing/knitting

9. Drink wine/beer/cocktail

10. Write

11. Read a magazine/newspaper

12. Do some work

13. Spend time with the other half

14. Do chores

15. Cook/bake

16. Go for a walk alone

17. Learn a language

18. Go shopping

19. Listen to music

20. Play video games

21. Take a course

22. Sit in silence

23. Spend time on social media

24. Meet friends

25. Listen to a podcast

26. Do some gardening