Hello and a happy new year to you all!

And how are you feeling? Some of us get super excited at the beginning of a new year, bursting with energy, ready to roll, while others find the new year a little more daunting.

Whichever camp you fall into, I have some super exciting goodies for you to help kickstart your year in a healthy and happy way!

Ever since my diagnosis of breast cancer, looking after myself has been a priority. I wake up and try to make time for #selfcare. To me, this means eating well, doing yoga and being really present when I am with my three daughters (not on my phone or trying to get jobs done).

I urge you to do the same: make some (it doesn’t need to be hours, 20 minutes a day can be plenty) time for yourself!

Yes, life is busy and we have so many things to do, but you are important too. It’s important you feel good. No, hang on a minute:

It’s important you feel great!

So to help you feel as fabulous as possible I am giving away 3 fantastic gift hampers worth £300 each! Each hamper contains goodies to make you “Eat good, feel good & look good”. For a chance to enter all you need to do is subscribe to my newsletter over on my blog healthywholeme.

Each winner will receive £50 worth of Sweaty Betty gift vouchers, 7 pieces of Zeal kitchen equipment, a natural face oil and lip balm by Rosalena Skincare and free access to my 28-Day Healthy Family Food Plan, which I am launching later this year.

This is a really exciting bundle to win, but hurry as the competition ends soon.

For those of you that have jumped on the veganuary bandwagon I hope that you are not too frazzled trying to come up with new recipes? It can be really quite stressful when you are trying to change the way you eat. From my own experience, I can only advise you not to do all at once! Don’t go vegan whilst giving up caffeine as well. Small, simple yet significant changes over a longer period of time is the way forward. Change a little here and there and eventually life takes off in wonderful ways.

To me, making vegan food family-friendly has always been the biggest challenge. I have no interest in cooking a meal for myself and a separate meal for the kids. So one of our favourite vegan family dishes is my speltotto one-pan dish. It’s easy, tasty, super comforting and if you are not worried about going 100% vegan then I’ll show you lots of options too.

Love Dani  xx

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Spurred on by her experience with breast cancer, Dani successfully created a wholesome, balanced and sustainable lifestyle for her family and herself. It worked so well that she set-up Healthy Whole Me, sharing what worked for her and what didn’t, providing tips, recipes and regular supper clubs. Through this, she hopes to inspire others to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and family. She embraces food for the body, mind and soul focusing on foods that are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that are both healing and strengthening. She is a busy mum of three, so her healthy and wholesome lifestyle is simple enough to be sustainable.

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