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How millennial are you when it comes to money?

Millennials get a bad rap when it comes to money. Older generations have labelled us as materialistic, spoiled and saddled with a sense of entitlement. However, many studies show the opposite is actually true. Do you recognise yourself in these millennial spending habits?

Holidays vs houses

What ranks more highly on your agenda over the next five years? According to a recent survey, over half of Millennials (55%) rate travelling as a higher life priority over buying a home or car – or even paying off debts. Driven by the ideals of living like a digital nomad, 81% say they are looking for unique travel adventures.

Savers not spenders

How much do you stash away each month for the future? Far from frittering away their cash, recent research shows that 49% of Millennials consider themselves to be savers, with a whopping 16% saving more than three-quarters of their disposable income each month. Impressive!

Peers over professionals

How do you choose what to buy? Which restaurant to eat at? Where to travel to? The Millennial generation trust user-generated content (UGC) over anything else. According to a study by Ipsos, UGC is 50% more influential than other media when it comes to purchasing power.


Do you go into the bank or have different ways of managing your cash? Millennials use different tools, like free Apps, such as OnTrees Personal Finance or Money Dashboard, to help them make smarter decisions with money.

Socially conscious

Do you think about good causes much? Ambitious and active, rather than dreaming of being one of the Kardashians, Millennials want to connect and make a positive impact. In its latest global study, Neilson found that this generation are the most willing to pay for sustainable goods, from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

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by Vivien de Tusch Lec