by Clare Moreton @ CEWE

When it comes to Instagram vs. reality, being a parent tops the charts! Whilst it may seem as if your friends and followers are posting endless images of their darlings looking perfect and brand new, achieving beautiful images of your new born bundle, in reality, can be trickier than you may think.

Thankfully, CEWE’s expert Clare Moreton is on hand to offer her top tips on how to capture the perfect new-born shots, that are sure to be treasured for years to come.

Theme the moment

Planning ahead is easier said than done when you have a new little one in tow. However, during those sleepless nights where you find yourself rearranging the spoon draw one handed, whilst also rocking the baby, planning the perfect photo shoot could be the secret to maintaining your sanity.

Make a tick list of the moments you want to create with your baby and use sites like Pinterest as the ultimate inspo. Then plan out how to style your moment… start off simple with a nice fluffy rug and small accessories to scatter around your bundle of joy.

Precious props

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you may want to start playing around with some props. From pretty little bows, to crochet crowns, teddies and the cutest of outfits, there’s a whole host of options when it comes to choosing the perfect props to style your shoot.

When selecting these, think about comfort, ease of use and of course colour. Each of these considerations will help to make your photoshoot as stress free and impactful as possible!

Don’t wake a sleeping baby

The saying exists for a reason! Thankfully when it comes to styling your shoot, a sleeping baby is often easier and cuter to shoot. Capture your little one whilst they’re in the land of nod for cute pics, without the stress of waiting for a wind smile!

Background is key

Don’t overcomplicate things, often a plain background is the secret to an image with real impact. Keep to neutral colours and unobtrusive patterns to get the most natural shots of your baby. It will also help the props to stand out and ensure that despite your little one growing up quickly, your photo won’t become dated.

Consider lighting

Lighting can make or break a photo shoot. Consider this before setting up, as the last thing you’ll want to do is move your sleeping beauty around too much and risk waking them! Use natural light as much as possible by positioning them next to a window or in the garden if weather permits.

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