Tips for Busy Parents


  • Think accessibility at all times when choosing ski wear. No-one wants to spend hours each day wrestling kids from their salopettes each time they need a wee
  • It’s totally acceptable to drink during the day, so incorporate mulled wine / beer into your daily routine and you’ll all have a much nicer time!
  • Fill children up with Chocolat Chaud by the bucketful (but see point 1 above)
  • Book a chalet with childcare so you can spend time on the slopes without worrying about the kids (or transporting them to and from a childcare facility)


  • Avoid frustration & arguments by signing kids up to ski school rather than trying to teach them yourself
  • Don’t push yourselves or the kids too hard. Stop before you’re all exhausted & everyone will have a much nicer time
  • Opt for a catered chalet and let someone else deal with your children’s meal requests for a few days!
Follow this advice and a skiing trip could end up being the most relaxed family holiday you’ll ever have!

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