1.  What drove you to start becoming an influencer?

    I’m an award winning personal finance journalist who worked for many years with Martin Lewis. I wanted to go my own way and not only right about money, but with a softer, lifestyle aspect to it. My followers aren’t poor – but are like me – really want as much as they can get for their money. Their savvy. 

  2. Name one thing that has helped you grow your following?

    My presence has grown thanks to my social media strategy (which involves me yapping on there constantly), as well as winning awards which means I am featured in national newspapers. 

  3. What are your personal brand values?

    My brand values are that you should be as clever as you can with your money, but really enjoy life. I like to say call it ‘luxury on a budget’.

  4. Are there any companies or brands that you would not work with?

    There are plenty of brands I won’t work with – I’m very picky and have turned down a lot of money. I won’t have gambling on my site, I won’t have bad financial products on my site such as payday loans/PPI repayments etc, no vaping.

  5. Please tell us one story from your past that will help us get to know you.

    I left uni with a law degree and a lot of arrogance thinking I could move to London and become a lawyer. That was in 2009 when the crash happened and it doesn’t work out that way. After blowing my savings on rent, being made redundant and becoming depressed – I ended up homeless. This did however mean that I because very clever with my money, and eventually got a job at MoneySavingExpert before becoming a freelance journalist and blogger. 

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