1.  What drove you to start becoming an influencer?

    I felt as if I had useful information to share.

  2. Name one thing that has helped you grow your following?

    Consistency and frequency of writing and sharing.

  3. What are your personal brand values?

    I like brands that are honest, brands that recognise the value of social influencers, brands that support family life and especially brands that appreciate the needs of larger than average families.

  4. Are there any companies or brands that you would not work with?

    Plenty I’m sure. I do turn brands down if they are not a good fit or don’t match my values.

  5. Please tell us one story from your past that will help us get to know you.

    I like a challenge and I never give up. When I left University I decided I wanted to run a marathon. So I trained and I ran a marathon. Then several more. Then I had my first child and I wanted to be able to still run a marathon. So I did, and then a few more. Then I decided I wanted to run one of the hardest marathons in the world, so I trained. Then I found out I was pregnant but I still ran and finished the Swiss mountain marathon. Then I ran a few more, and had two more children. My next challenge was that I wanted to be able to still run a marathon after having four children. My youngest child is 2 and so far I’ve run two marathons since he was born and I plan to continue.

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