1.  What drove you to start becoming an influencer?

    I like to talk about things. Whether that’s a product I’ve tried, a service I’ve used or something I’ve eaten and has made me go “wow”. I started my blog as a way to write about the things I like, love and hate so that others could read them and use them as a way to judge whether or not they wanted to try them too.

  2. Name one thing that has helped you grow your following?

    Competitions have been a great way for me to grow my following but I also think that is a false following. My true following, as in the readers that keep returning I feel do so because of my honest and I genuinely want to help people.

  3. What are your personal brand values?

    Honesty – I won’t lie to my readers and tell them something is great just because I’ve received a product or I want to earn money from them. I’m willing to try anything, as I’m not tied to a particular niche it’s not out of place for me to include anything, but if it’s no good then I will say.

  4. Are there any companies or brands that you would not work with?

    I wouldn’t directly promote financial services of questionable nature. For example, I wouldn’t write a post recommending a payday loan company – I would include a link as an example but also with a disclosure about using them. Certain health products too, I’d want to do my own research before agreeing to feature them.

  5. Please tell us one story from your past that will help us get to know you.

    I’ve only ever passed out once in my life. I was 15 and it was the night my little brother was born, it was a home birth so we all went up to the bedroom to see him. Within seconds of holding him I felt feint, luckily the midwife noticed and grab my brother before I hit the floor. I was put down to the heat (mid August) and being woken up suddenly – I was teased about it for many years.

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