1.  What drove you to start becoming an influencer?

    I think what drove me was the fact that my creative side wasn’t getting the attention it needed. I was acting on a self-employed basis but the work wasn’t coming in quite as much as expected. Therefore I needed to find a way of getting this creative mind out before it drove me crazy and the hype of blogging at that point was just starting to blow up with the likes of Zoella etc.

  2. Name one thing that has helped you grow your following?

    Scheduling & promoting has definitely helped me grow my following. Making sure I pre-schedule posts on Twitter and Facebook constantly, allows more potential followers to read my content and return for more..hopefully!

  3. What are your personal brand values?

    My personal brand values

    Honesty – I try to communicate my thoughts as truthfully as possible and whenever I get sent a product to review or when I work on sponsored content, I’m always making sure I disclaim this to my readers. I also make sure that doesn’t affect the opinions I have either.

  4. Are there any companies or brands that you would not work with?

     I wouldn’t want to work with any companies who manufacture/produce clothing real fur. This is the only avenue I wouldn’t like to collaborate with.

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