Victoria Sully

  1.  What drove you to start becoming an influencer?

    It was by chance and I still don’t think of myself as an influencer, in fact I don’t know if I am – I’m a blogger.  I always say I accidently became a lifestyle blogger.  I set up a small online fashion boutique and needed to drive traffic to my website.  I started blogging and quickly fell in love.  My blog soon became a lifestyle blog instead of a business blog and now it is my business!

  2. Name one thing that has helped you grow your following?

    Social media.  For me Twitter has been the best source of traffic to my blog as well as providing me with a wealth of information about the industry.  It’s even a place to network with other likeminded bloggers.  Taking part in networking hours and interacting with other bloggers has enabled me to grow my following.

  3. What are your personal brand values?

    I love small businesses as I have one myself.  I also love natural brands whether it’s food or beauty.  I like brands who care about what we put into or on our bodies.  I guess I love small honest brands!

  4. Are there any companies or brands that you would not work with?

    Yes, those who do not fit into my interests or who are trying to promote something I disagree with.  For example, I often turn down the opportunity to review food products which contain refined added sugar as I do not consume this and wouldn’t want to recommend it to others.  I recently turned down writing about ‘Israeli diamonds’ as it has no relevance to me, my interests or the rest of my blog.

  5. Please tell us one story from your past that will help us get to know you.

    I married my wonderful husband two years ago with a Wedfest in our back garden.  It was the perfect venue and idea for us.  I don’t like a lot of attention on myself and the thought of a huge ‘proper’ wedding terrified me.  A low key, fun, relaxed, informal event with close friends and family was perfect for us and reflected mine and my husband’s personalities perfectly.

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