On select Finance Fridays over on Instagram we highlight finance tips from the best money experts. Check them out, and in the meantime here are three to keep you going

Camilla Klemme – Investment Manager, Rathbones

  1. Financial Health is just as or more important as mental and physical health
  2. Understand why you are investing, what is your time frame, desired return and expectations
  3. Always invest money you can afford to lose

Holly Mackay – Founder and CEO, Boring Money 

  1. Be cautious of debt and personally I hate Klarna – it’s the tempting wolf in sheep’s clothing
  2. ‘ Just do it’ you can set up an investment ISA from £1 – just try it with very small amounts and learn on the job
  3. Set up a personal pension online! For every £80 the govt gives you atleast another £20. It’s literally free money.

Ellie at This Girl Talks Money

What are the three beliefs that affect your money mindset?

  1. I’m just not very good at money
  2. Money doesn’t grow on trees
  3. I need more money before I can make money

We’ve all been there the important thing to remember is your beliefs are not your reality.

Challenge your negative beliefs about money to reinforce positive beliefs that support a future you.