Tips for Busy Parents

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Oh celeb mums, eh? If we’re not lusting after their frocks or admiring their shiny hair, we’re blaming them for setting unrealistic goals for the rest of us mere mortal mamas. We need to remember that for every celebrity mum’s well-rested face, there’s a team of staff helping out behind the scenes. Well, we want a piece of that action! Here’s how we’re planning on doing it, and you can do it too:

  • Nanny: So maybe a full-time nanny is stretching it, but services have started to pop up allowing you to borrow someone else’s from time to time (e.g. Korukids). Or you can get one for the duration of a holiday (e.g. in-chalet childcare with Ski Famille).
  • Private chef: Who needs a private chef when you can get restaurant food delivered straight to your door by the likes of Deliveroo?
  • Personal trainer: OK, so we might not have access to the latest personal trainer to the stars, but we are able to tap into webcam fitness programmes from our very own living rooms! We like Hey Workout as they offer tailored classes for mumbots.
  • Photographer: If you can’t justify a personal photographer/retoucher to take flattering photos of you to post online, you can still disguise those ‘regular person’ lines and bags with some creative filter work. We like the Color Story app for creating Insta-worthy shots Mrs Becks would be proud of.

And if all else fails, we can always drink some wine, make a hairbrush microphone, and channel Beyonce that way instead! xx

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