Monday Lowdown


Pregnant belly

A 62-year-old woman gives birth

Hot on the heels of Janet Jackson’s pregnancy annoucement at the age of 50, another woman is also attempting to prove that there is no age limit for motherhood.

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It turns out that stress might actually be good for your health

A new report revealed great news for all the overworked parents (and non-parents) out there! But there’s a catch…

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‘Maternity tourism’ is a hot topic

The UK is divided over this new trial scheme affecting pregnant women at a South London hospital.

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The kids’ clothes that are dividing opinion 

Two t-shirts for kids recently launched by Sainsbury’s are sparking debate on the Twittersphere due to the controversial nature of their slogans.

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The latest trend in body art

Some parents are taking their inked homages to their children a bit too far in this latest tattoo craze.

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