by Nicki Philips @ niix

I love spring! There is always time to find some outdoor fun with your family – check out my top ten outdoor activities to inspire some fun in the spring sunshine! We’ve got something to suit you and the family!

Wildlife walks

Get back to nature and record what you see! Discover a world of hidden creatures on a wildlife walk – it makes a scenic walk more interesting and you’ll be helping the environment too. By noting down the different things you discover, you’ll be doing your bit for local wildlife conservation and helping your children learn more about the natural world in the process!

Walking the dog

Spring is the perfect time to get your kids out on those long dog walks with you (or just long walks without the dog) Bring a little picnic and if it’s a particularly nice day set up camp and enjoy the scenery!

Get on your bike

It’s fun and most importantly, free! (Providing everyone has bikes of course!). A day out mountain biking in the great outdoors is a chance to spend some quality family time exploring the local countryside together. You can cover a lot of ground on a bike and it’ll help keep everyone fit and healthy.

Family fun run

Couch potatoes can find a new enthusiasm for staying active when it’s channelled into a fun run! There’s sure to be a 5k charity race near you and it’s a great way for families to train together, challenge themselves and have fun as part of a team. A lot of race organisers provide goody bags and medals, so you get something to take home as a memento of the day – parkrun on a Saturday morning are great for getting the whole family involved and gives you the whole day to enjoy after!

A scenic river paddle

Spring is a fantastic time of year to experience canoeing now that the trees are green and flowers are in bloom giving the most stunning river views. It can be a relaxing and rewarding day out for the whole family – don’t forget to pack the sandwiches for a spot of lunch on the riverside!

Seashore safari

A trip to the seaside is always high on the list for a fun, family day out. Exploring the tideline and rock pools will keep everyone entertained for hours!

Go climbing

Outdoor climbing can often start a lifelong passion for the sport and a love of exploring the variety of natural landscapes around the UK and beyond. It not only builds technical skill, strength and agility but also trust and confidence. Families can enjoy ‘learning the ropes’ together and there are many locations throughout the UK that offer family-friendly courses for a fun day out that will certainly help burn off any excess energy!

Outdoor pursuits

Get out on the water and experience the spring sunshine and sailing conditions. Learning to sail is a fantastic day out for families with older kids. Many sailing clubs offer programmes for beginners so there’s no need to worry if it’s your first time. There will probably be other families learning as well so it’s a great way to make new friends as you test your skills on the water!

A family camping adventure!

The spring sunshine is perfect for camping! Campsites or even your own garden is buzzing with life in Spring.


While it’s important to keep moving no matter what the weather, research shows that working out can be more beneficial if you do it outside. A 2011 study found that, compared with an indoor workout, exercising outdoors in nature increased energy levels and made people feel revitalized decreasing tension among other positive effects.

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