by Vicky, Mum of 3, South-West London

Parenthood is a juggling act. A large part of that is pure logistics, working out who needs to be where and when, booking activities, driving the kids to activities, picking them up from activities, sitting through activities. This is where OneLane App comes in.

OneLane App is essentially a child-friendly taxi service. They will drive your children to and from their school/class/club, etc. All their drivers are vetted female childcare professionals. Booster seats are provided and you can track them as they drive.

One Lane App offerI’ve been using it weekly for a term now. My Thursday afternoons used to be a huge headache: I had to collect my 5-year-old twins at 3:20pm, drive them 20 minutes (if traffic was good) to get them to their gymnastic class, which started at 4:15pm.  I then had 15 minutes to make the return 20-minute journey to pick up their older brother at 4:30pm and make it back in time for their class to end and his to begin at 5:00pm. Normally I would be stuck in traffic on at least one of these journeys and would be late for everything! Now Theo is collected each week by Kate and dropped to me at gymnastics. I am sent a message when he is collected, I can track how they are progressing on the app, and then I receive a message when they arrive. Simple.

So rather than dashing back and forwards, finding myself stressed and shouting at other drivers on the road I can watch my twins in their class, do some work or even (but don’t tell anyone) sneak in a hot cup of coffee!


Try OneLane App yourself with code “Kids” to get 3 free rides. And enjoy that nice hot cup of coffee 😉 Click here to book.