Have you spent the last few weeks waking up to your alarm thinking it’s still the middle of the night? Has there been a lot of shouting about missing socks, brushing teeth or making it to nursery or school on time?  With those lazy summer mornings of everyone lolling around in their pyjamas firmly a distant memory, it’s time to ease yourself back into a stress-free morning routine, where it doesn’t feel like one big battle against the clock. Here are some ideas to put the fun back into your mornings:

  • Alarm clock fun: Culture Lab‘s Clocky Alarm Clock from the Science Museum gives you or your child one chance to snooze and then will jump off the stand and wheel around the room until you or your head-in-the-bed hops out to silence it. Giving your child an alarm clock makes gives them a wonderful sense of autonomy – they are now responsible for getting themselves up (bonus!) This product is a bit like a pet but with none of the hard work or expense attached!
  • Have a routine chart: Teeth? Tick! Breakfast? Tick! Brush hair? Tick! To be fair, this can also be a handy reminder when you are not really too spritely!
  • Rainbow journeys: Research has found the mindfulness training for children and young people increase attention, social awareness and other interpersonal skills – and will make everyone calmer and happier. Try the “Rainbow Walk” as you walk to school or nursery. This is a simple exercise you can do with your child regardless of their age. The idea is to look for different colours of your walk, so you need to see something red, orange, green, blue, indigo and purple. Try to enjoy the scenes around you.


Clocky alarm clock
The alarm clock that will get the kids up and moving in the morning!

Any tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments.