by Nicki Philips @ niix

As a working mother with a never-ending “to–do list”, trying to find time for fitness and raise happy, healthy children is nearly impossible. While having said that, who says you have to separate exercising and parenting? Weekends don’t mean throwing routines upside down. Getting your kids to join you in your 20-30 minute regular workout could help you to enjoy the best of both worlds!

There are an upteen number of advantages associated with working out with kids. One of the top advantages is that of giving your kids a positive outlook towards staying fit and healthy. Seeing their parents look after their bodies and incorporating regular movement will surely be a  positive influence. This not only helps them see exercising as fun but also helps parents!

Here are some ideas for starters:

Get involved with sports in the garden.

If you have athletic kids or even kids who like the idea of sports, inculcate exercising and playing sports of various kinds in the garden. (netball, basketball, tag, hide and seek!)

Create fitness competitions.

Kids enjoy competition. Bring fitness into games and notice the competitive spirits in them. Whether it be bat and ball, rounders at the park, some speedy running races or planking competitions, they are firsts to jump in with tons of enthusiasm.

Weekend walk

While walking is not a rigorous exercise, it is enough to get the blood flowing while still getting the chance to spend time as a family and children.

Head to YouTube or Instagram for some fitness inspiration.

YouTube attracts all kids today. There are plenty of videos to inspire children and yourself on YouTube today. (Internet is a great influencer.)


Now this one’s a winner for keeping the kids entertained and engaging your own core strength! Trampolining is actually a brilliant form of exercise for engaging your muscles.If you’ve got one in the garden, this is a great chance to get the blood pumping, if not definitely try out your local trampoline park – a great activity every now and then to mix things up!

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Nicki Philips is a qualified Pilates, TRX & Barre coach. After 10 years coaching and gathering her credentials she has developed her own training programme, Niix Method, that fuses the best of Pilates with cardio exercises into curated classes lasting 10-30 minutes a day, 4 days a week. Nicki believes that all women should feel strong, fit and confident despite our ever-changing bodies and busy lives.  Great results come from creating sustainable, health & fitness habits incorporating good technique. While running her own business, Nicki is also a busy mother of two girls, a step-son, and a sausage dog.

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