Monday Lowdown


Michael Gove

Blurred lines

Michael Gove came under fire for leaving his 11-year-old son alone to go to a celeb party, where he strutted his stuff to a certain raunchy song & ignored his phone.


Time to emigrate?

The best and worst countries for gender equality have been revealed and it’s not great news for women in the UK…


Doing it for the kids

A couple from London because the first UK heterosexual couple to enter into a civil partnership. So what are the advantages over marriage or staying ‘happily unmarried’?



The #DadBod is back

A new book claims that podgier dads are more attractive than their skinny counterparts. While we’re inclined to agree with the sentiment, we’re not sure about the reasoning…


It’s Christmas jumper time!

On the 1st November, pumpkins turned into elves and the festive season began. This year, ditch the twee jumpers and try one of these hilarious ones instead.


Some things you can never unsee

Sinitta, ex-girlfriend of Simon Cowell and Brad Pitt, is planning to livestream surgery on a certain – and very intimate – part of her body. Will you watch?