Monday Lowdown

Little girl in car


Women will not be silenced

Raise your glasses ladies. We’ve finally achieved equality in another arena. And after last week’s horror show, we’re going to be using this one more than ever!


Parents celebrate victory over Amazon

If your kid has ever made an in-app purchase on your phone, this landmark ruling in America might make exciting reading for you!


Parents risk losing their pension

It turns out that making this one decision when you’re a new parent could lead to serious financial consequences down the line.


Teethbrushing chatbot

Toothbrushing gets the social treatment

Unilever is harnessing the power of Facebook to inspire kids and parents to brush their teeth together. Worth a try?


The world waits to see that bum again

As Pippa Middleton prepares for her wedding, we might finally have some intel on who is going to be designing the dress that will cover that lovely bottom.


There’s such a thing as too much festive cheer

Supermarkets have started releasing their Christmas products, and we’ve discovered that there are some products that just shouldn’t smell like mulled wine.