Monday Lowdown


Michael Gove

Family holidays get the scandi treatment

Good old scandi-chic has now infiltrated the travel market, with parents jumping on a new trend for this winter’s family getaway.


More chocolate-related heartbreak

2016 has been a terrible year for confectionary. Toblerones are more valley than peak and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are now more like satsumas. But the latest victim of the rise in the price of ingredients? Well, this one really hurts.


An uncomfortable truth

Oxford Dictionaries have released their top 10 words for 2016. Given the recent political events, the winning term, and several of the runners up, are no great surprise.



The benefits of being an older mum

New research has found that having babies later in life can have a serious health benefit in old age.


5-year-old fashion designer

This little girl looks set to follow in her mum’s glittering footsteps with the release of her very first t-shirt design!


What’s in your morning smoothie?

A vegan single mum, and nutritionist, has revealed the unorthodox source of her newfound energy and clear complexion.