Star Wars

It’s been brought to our attention, by every news, parenting and entertainment platform (ever), that the new Star Wars film is coming out soon.
We don’t really know our Wookies from our Ewoks, but we’d like to understand what the kids are babbling on about for the next few weeks…months…years!

So, to help get our heads around the basics, here’s our passport to the Star Wars universe:

•    Jedis are goodies and Siths are baddies = easy!

•    Jedis and Siths both use “The Force”, a mysterious, magical power…

•    Neon lightsabers are the weapon of choice: prepare to referee constant copycat battles at home

•    R2-D2 is the (cute) blue and white robot

•    C-3PO is the (intensely annoying) gold robot

•    There’s always something for the mums; after Harrison Ford and Ewan McGregor this time round we’ve got Oscar Isaac to look forward to *swoon*

•    Princess Leia is now called General Leia…

•    …and she wouldn’t be seen dead in a gold bikini

•    Star Wars films are looooong – so get a large popcorn and we reckon 45 minutes in is perfect timing for a power nap

Episode VII: The Force Awakens is released in cinemas across the UK on December 17 2015.

 If all this has got you in a Star Wars mood, try these free patterns for Star Wars-themed paper snowflakes.
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