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Outdoor Photography

The Outdoor Edit: Photography for Kids


A photography session is a brilliant way of inspiring kids to think creatively. It’s free and super simple to set up, just head out with your smartphone and get snapping!

The Location: Choose a place and you’ll have an instant theme. Go to the forest, beach or park, or into town for an urban adventure.

The Shot: Experiment with close-ups, such as shells or flowers, and play with perspective. Older kids can climb trees or rocks to take their shot. Don’t worry if photos don’t come out perfectly. Each ‘bad’ photo is a lesson learned!

The Edit: Kids will love playing around with filters and stickers and making collages (try A Color StoryPic Collage for Kids apps).

The Finished Product: You could create a private Facebook group or Instagram account to share the pics or you could even get them printed on postcards or magnets (try LALALAB).

We’d love to see your creations. Tweet us @bubelelondon or post on our Facebook page to inspire other parents to give photography a go!

PS: If you don’t want to let your little one loose with your phone, there are loads of great children’s cameras on the market.