Tips for Busy Parents

The tech that can make your kids better behaved…

Kids of all ages love technology and most of us probably struggle to separate them from the iPad. As well as (attempting to) strike a balance between tech time and traditional play time, how can we harness technology to our advantage, so it could actually make our children better behaved?

Teeth brushing

Does your child run the other way the minute you appear with their toothbrush? Try the handy Playbrush toothbrush, a unique and clever Smart device that connects to any manual toothbrush, turning it into a game controller, with the result that children brush regularly, for longer and with greater accuracy, all whilst playing fun games!

Feet dragging

Are you constantly nagging your child to eat their breakfast, get ready for school or undress for bath time? You need an Octopus watch, an icon-based watch that teaches them good habits and the concept of time. Using icons that little ones understand, linking time to events, it fosters independence and self-esteem.

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Screen-time battles

Arguments over the iPad could be a thing of the past with the OurPact App. It allows you to schedule Internet and App use according to your kids’ daily routines, set a limit on the number of screen-time hours and block Internet and certain Apps as you see fit, all at the click of a button. Easy!

Emotional meltdowns

If your child gets stressed, angry or very emotional easily and you’re struggling to help them understand their emotions, try Positive Penguins. This is a fun and educational App that helps children to understand that their feelings are influenced by their thoughts and helps them to challenge negative thinking.

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Wandering off

If you’re worried about your child making a run for it, try equipping them with some wearable tech. Paxie Bands are fun and colourful bands, designed for child aged 18 months to 12 years. The product syncs with iOS or Android devices and has a bunch of great features, including boundary settings, so you can be alerted if your child leaves a certain distance, GPS location and a band removal alert.

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Stress is a major cause of problematic behaviour in kids. Teaching them about meditation early on will help them deal with stress and anxiety with the added bonus of boosting their creativity and self-esteem. Headspace for Kids is a version of the popular adult’s App, has themes like calmness, kindness and bedtime and is designed for kids and parents to enjoy together.

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