You might have seen some amazing physical transformations in the news lately. Yes, they are definitely possible, and it’s great that our bodies can adapt so well. The thing with amazing transformations, however, is that – at least in the first few years – they are an all-or-nothing affair. You have to change your diet and your lifestyle radically to bring about a rapid, drastic alteration in your body. While it may look great, and you’ll be the talk of your friends, you’ll also find that you either keep the extreme diet/exercise/mindset going, you do it for a while then stop, or that you cannot maintain the level of commitment, adjustment or sacrifice that drastic change demands. And when I say drastic change, I mean a speedy, surprising change from how you were to how you seem to be.

 You may wonder at terms like ‘biohacking’, ‘HIIT’ and other mysterious labels or jargon that promise a quick fix for what you feel needs correcting. The only magic bullet – and you can trust me on this – is to follow an eating plan consistently. It needn’t be drastic: you don’t suddenly have to make your entire family eat kale, for example. But it does need to be constant. You can slip up occasionally, but not on more days than you succeed in following the programme. And that’s the key to a 30-day diet plan. Diet is so central to how you look and feel that I would say that if you can’t  exercise as you should for a day or so, watching your food intake is the best possible thing. Employing mindful eating (notice I did not say ‘clean’!) for 30 days is a great way to set a habit. After all, there was a theory floating around that it took 20 days to make a new habit. Whether or not this is scientifically correct, it doesn’t matter: 30 days of doing anything will get you into a good swing.

What can you expect? You can expect surprise, energy fluctuation, cravings, tiredness, new vitality and loose clothing. You can expect enormous ups and downs which will ultimately level out and result in a whole new you. Commit to my 30-day diet plan and you’ll find your trigger foods no longer have a hold. If you want an amazing transformation, it really only takes 30 days of watching what you put in your mouth to get there and now is the perfect time to start. 

By following the recipe, exercises and ideas I have compiled on the Niix fit app, you are on your way to building a trimmer and healthier you. You might also find that you’ll have a more energised body and mind! Are you ready to let go of your old habits? Join the resistance and find out how easy it really is.

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Nicki Philips is a qualified Pilates, TRX & Barre coach. After 10 years coaching and gathering her credentials she has developed her own training programme, Niix Method, that fuses the best of Pilates with cardio exercises into curated classes lasting 10-30 minutes a day, 4 days a week. Nicki believes that all women should feel strong, fit and confident despite our the ever-changing bodies and busy lives.  Great results come from creating sustainable, health & fitness habits incorporating good technique. While running her own business, Nicki is also a busy mother of two girls, a step-son, and a sausage dog.

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