Tips for Busy Parents

Tips for raising a family in the city

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“A city without children has no future.”

This quote came from a US research study about the value of bringing up children in the city. It challenges conventional assumptions that the right place to raise children is in the suburbs and in fact, our cities are where children can thrive. How do we enable our kids to take full  advantage of the opportunities of living in a city? Here are some tips:

The world in one city

When children are young, encourage them to take advantage of urban diversity and meet a full range of different kinds of people. This will boost their compassion and tolerance too.

Those online save time

Beat the crowds and save time and money by using apps and online services for everything from food shopping and scheduling doctor’s appointments, to selling your home via online estate agent like, despite being online, they are well known for the top level of customer service they provide.

Green means go

Do you live in a flat or does your garden resemble a postage stamp? Seek out the best green spaces and parks near you and make a point of going there regularly to let your kids let off steam. Green space has been proven to be important for children’s health and well-being and the key is about having meaningful natural experiences, rather than living in a rural setting. As a parent you may be thinking about upsizing and selling your property on. If so, include details of local parks and open spaces in your adverts because this will be an important factor for young families.

Daytime means playtime

It might be tempting to worry about air pollution and safety and not let kids play outside. However, children need to play outside to stay active and play is important for helping them grow. Initiatives like Playing Out and London Play are giving many kids safe and exciting opportunities to play.

Less is more

Kids’ stuff takes up so much space! But it’s hard to apply Marie Kondo to your kids, when your toddler clutches onto the toy you are about to throw out and that he never plays with, and insists that it’s his favourite, and you are the worst parent on the planet for wanting to part company with it. Be disciplined! Have a one in, one out policy with toys and either store a box somewhere – to bring out at a later date, or help your children choose old toys to give to charity once in a while. When your child is small, choose a buggy that collapses small and don’t feel under pressure to buy a walker, ride-on toys or other bulky items.

Live life in the slow lane

Life in a city moves at a very quick pace but resist the urge to keep up with the crowd. Children need time, so schedule more time for small things like the nursery or school run and bedtime routine.