Tips for Busy Parents

Musical Instruments

With these simple how-to guides, you can transform ordinary household materials into musical instruments. This is a great way to help kids practice fine motor skills and rhythm and they’ll get weeks or even months of enjoyment out of the finished product!

Click on the links below for full easy-to-follow instructions:

  • Make a guitar from just a tissue box and some rubber bands: find out how
  • These balloon drums are safe and easy to make – and won’t keep you up at night: find out how
  • You don’t need a cactus to make this soothing rainstick: find out how
  • With just a jar and a few sewing pins you can make this fantastic thumb piano: find out how
  • Upcycle some drinking straws into pan pipes: find out how
  • Something for the babies: you can knit some ankle cuffs (or use socks) and attach bells so little ones can make some music too: find out how

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