Tips for Busy Parents

Top 7 ways to save time if you’re a landlord

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Managing your own home and being a landlord when you’re a parent is a bit like asking Roger Federer to extend their matches to 7 sets. May seem like a good idea but could lead to injury!

We’ve had mums in the hospital giving birth whilst simultaneously trying to arrange viewings or decorators. We parents are superheroes but that could be a step too far for anyone. So is there anything you can do to make life easier when renting out your property? Here are our best tips from Bubele experts:

Update before it’s too late

Don’t leave it til it’s gone too far, make a point of always working on the property between tenants: redecorate most areas and update any appliances that are getting a bit shaky. It may seem like an outlay but will prevent any calls from tenants at  inconvenient times. Do note it is possible to have tenants be responsible for repairing appliances but in our experience it’s better to do it yourself.

Quality wins

Ensure you select durable appliances when furnishing the property. It could seem more logical to buy cheaper appliances but you will pay for it down the road with breakages.

Save time with floors

Other furnishing tips include useing hard floors instead of carpets. Upkeep is much easier, they last longer and they do not hold all the odours that are created during everyday life.

It’s easier to find tenants online

Find your tenants online and via social media. Online services like Rentmyhome enable you to rent out your home cheaply (and I mean for £49 if you do it in the next few weeks). They have great customer service AND a proprietary way to help you find your tenants on Facebook.

Tenant selection is key

Do due diligence on prospective tenants. We’ve heard stories of 2 day cleaning jobs after some tenants have left. Social media is a great way to do due diligence these days. If you feel a bit voyeuristic just remember it’s to protect your property from people who might be a bit extreme in their ideas of cleanliness.

Be nice!

Be a lovely landlord. The best way to avoid the stress of changing tenants is not to change them. As a great landlord who manages the property well, communicates and acts fairly you will hopefully be able to keep your tenants a long time, and avoid the stress of turnover.


Ultimately if the management is getting too much you can of course outsource it. That can sometimes get expensive at 15% or 20% with letting agents. But did you know that some online agents such as (you guessed it) Rentmyhome offer property management for as little as £60 a month. That’s the price of a couple of takeaways a month for relieving stress and getting some time back.

I want to rent out my home and stay relaxed