Fishing with kids
At one time or another, most parents today have wondered how they would survive without a tablet, TV or smartphone to occupy the kids. But with a recent study finding that our children spend less time outside than prison inmates (I’ll just let that sink in…), here are some tips for getting outdoors and back to nature.

Wild swimming. If your kids have only ever swam in the relative comfort of a swimming pool, here’s an activity to put on your to-do list. Try one of these top 10 river pools to get started.

Fishing: We hear that fishing is having a moment. If you want to jump on this trend before anyone else, the Anglers Mail has some great tips on fishing with kids.


Nature trail. Set off on an adventure with Stick Man and his pal the Gruffalo with one of The Forestry Commision trails in various locations around the country.

Tree beating. Haven’t heard of tree beating? Neither had we! It means gently tapping branches and collecting the beasties that fall from the tree. The RSPB has a great guide on their website, including an identification sheet, to help you get started.


A family cycle. Parks are the perfect place to cycle with the kids as the ride can be as long or short as you like, and there are plenty of other things to do while you’re there. We recently put together a guide to the best parks around the UK for family cycling. Find it here.

Kite flying. For some clear step-by-step instructions on building and flying a kite, head to the Persil website and start creating your masterpiece (but don’t forget to let the kids play too!).


Rock clambering. This requires a bit of extra care and lots of parental supervision (and not to be done when wet!) but it’s a favourite with energetic kids.

Rockpooling. The National Trust have listed rockpooling as one of their fifty things to do before 11 and 3/4 and offer some great tips for getting started.

Wave jumping. Most kids will love the anticipation and excitement of waiting for the waves to come in before jumping over them and squealing with excitement as they get splashed.

Shell collecting. Collect shells, then fire up Pinterest to find some crafts to use them in a creative way.

Back garden

Wildlife spotting: The Woodland Trust has a great selection of spotter sheets on their website, including  one on creepy crawlies and another on garden birds, both perfect for the back garden.

Den building. Everyone loves a good den. Have a go at building your own with these great tips from the Eden Project.


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