Monday Lowdown


Pregnant belly

A new Down’s Syndrome test 

The NHS is set to start rolling out a new and – crucially – non-invasive prenatal screening test for Down’s Syndrome. Sounds great, right? But it’s raised serious concerns over one potential consequence.


Brexit claims its next victim

Following hot on the heels of #marmitegate, price rises are set to impact another store cupboard staple, and this time it’s personal…


The cost of maternity discrimination

Beyond the moral implications, can a company actually lose money by pushing mums & mums-to-be out of the workplace?



Gin lovers all share a particular trait 

A new report reveals that this popular spirit may be called Mother’s Ruin for a reason..!


The new generation of smart bags for phone addicts

How much would you spend on a bag that can make sure you never miss another Whatsapp message from your mum gang while also keeping your phone’s battery fully charged?


Peter Andre gives birth

The pop star was rigged up to the world’s first childbirth stimulator to experience the pains of labour for himself. He also wore a pregnancy suit.
Oh and there’s a video…